3DR is supplying end to end hospitality solutions partnering with Samsung.

Samsung hospitality displays offer a broad range of features that enable hoteliers and property managers provide their guests with an immersive media experience. Recognizing the potential of advanced in-room entertainment technology, the hospitality industry is turning to Samsung Display Solutions to enhance the guest experience through the convenience of technology.

Modernize the Hotel Ambience with Visually Appealing Techorations

Elegant, design-oriented technology is a dramatic way to update hotel ambiance and provide sleek, modern d?cor


Low Profile Display Design

Slim and sophisticated design eliminates the need for special decorative display housing to hide unsightly hardware components

Guarantee Vibrant Images in Any Environment

Even in well-lit lobbies or conference rooms, create powerful visuals with high luminosity displays and large-scale videos walls

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Narrow Bezel and Thin Profile

Thoughtful engineering makes Samsung displays compatible with a wide range of design styles

Video Purifier technology

Optimize content source by minimizing noise and maximizing picture quality

Auto Brightness Sensor

Automatically detects ambient light and adjusts display luminosity to ensure the content is visible regardless of lighting conditions.

Edge LED Technology

Placing LED lamps around the edge of the panel results in a much thinner screen with fewer lamps, reducing power consumption and heat generation.

Enhance convenience through the power of technology 

Offer guests robust technological tools :

high connectivity, user-generated content streaming and a digital hub to provide a variety of useful information

High Degree of Control for Easy Management

Samsung?s proprietary software solutions create an information hub for a smarter in-room TV experience

Powerful Interactivity

Engage guests with touch screen technology, giving them the information they want when they want it

Easy System Customization for User Convenience

H.Browser makes it easy to customize the UI to meet the specific needs of the hotel?s clientele

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Samsung?s specially designed software solutions for the hospitality industry provide a highly customizable interface that delivers targeted information, such as amenities, promotions, local attractions and in-room services.


H.Browser is an HTML5-based solution platform that enables partners and system integrators to develop custom-built IPTV applications for the hospitality industry, without the need for a STB.

Optional Samsung Touch Overlay accessory

Touchscreen capability gives guests the option of using a more independent interactive interface, providing a highly personalized hotel experience Remote Jack Pack (RJP)

Install a central A/V hub anywhere in the guest?s room that automatically ensures optimal picture quality

Simplify Management and Deployment

Streamline system management and reduce administrative overhead through intuitive software solutions

Easy Content Creation

Create content using the in-house content author tool?s professional design templates

Centralized Device Control

Monitor multiple display units, and manage schedules and device operations over a network

Remote Management

Administrators can remotely control screen status, configure IP, and create device group for easy management     

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Samsung?s hospitality solutions allow hotel staff to remotely manage content for different groups of rooms according to the needs of the guests

2nd Generation SSSP

Eliminates the need for a separate PC or media player, while providing remarkably fast processing speeds for rich, seamless messaging.

MagicInfo Author

Create effective, interactive content either with the display or with an external PC connect to the network

MagicInfo Smart Phone App

Control devices and manage content from a Smartphone with mobile management capabilities

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